Our Committees

  • Compost Committee:

    The Compost Committee works on food waste composting issues, and has spearheaded a small grants program since 2011.  The compost grant program is a partnership with the Citizens Committee for New York City and currently awards grants in all five boroughs of NYC.
  • Fundraising Committee:

The Fundraising Committee leads the SWAB's efforts to raise funds and attract services to carry out the Boards mission. Since 2013, the Fundraising Committee has organized two annual fundraising events: the Fall Community Compost Recognition Fundraiser and the Spring Film Screening. In collaboration with the Manhattan Borough President’s Office and Citizens Committee for New York City, funds earned from these events have been used to support community compost grants.

  • Legislative Committee:

The Legislative Committee provides official SWAB opinion and testimony on all legislative initiatives pertaining to solid waste management in New York City.  Such initiatives include proposals by local alliances and advocacy organizations, local and state laws, and proposed legislation introduced by the City Council and brought before the Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.

  • Messaging Committee: 

The Messaging Committee focuses on community outreach to traditional and non-traditional concepts of communication to support zero waste goals.  This includes proposing cross-agency collaboration, novel approaches, and taking advantage of untapped resources, such as the city’s highly creative business, media and arts sectors and communities.

  • Policy and Programs Committee

The Policy and Programs Committee works to understand and make recommendations for how to increase waste reduction and diversion through enforcement, incentives, education and outreach.

  • Waste Prevention and Reuse Committee:

The Waste Prevention and Reuse Committee provides recommendations to the New York City Department of Sanitation, the City Council, and others on legislation, budgets and long-term plans.  Committee members make policy recommendations on waste prevention and reuse measures, review, write and/or present testimony on recommendations to government.

  • Website & Social Media Committee:

The Website Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the SWAB's website, Facebook page, and Newsletter.