Our Committees

  • Fundraising Committee:  |  Chair: Matt Civello

The Fundraising Committee leads MSWAB's efforts to raise funds to carry out the Board’s mission and support its grantmaking programs. The Committee organizes two annual events: the Fall Fundraiser for the Reduce, Reuse and Repair Grant and the Spring Fundraiser for the Community Compost Grant.

  • Legislative Committee  |  Co-Chairs: Matt Civello and Cullen Howe

The Legislative Committee drafts and maintains the SWAB’s annual legislative agenda, advocating on behalf of the the Board’s legislative interests. The committee advises the MSWAB on state and local legislation, drafting and delivering testimony. The Committee also reviews and comments on the City’s proposed budget for zero waste and educates/engages with local elected officials.

  • Long Range Planning Committee  |  Chair: Maggie Clarke

The Long Range Planning Committee promotes efforts to meet NYC’s Zero Waste by 2030 goals. The Committee monitors and evaluates existing DSNY initiatives and recommends improvements and new programs to achieve the ambitious objective.

  • Messaging Committee  |  Chair: Debby Lee Cohen

The Messaging Committee focuses on expanding traditional concepts of the city’s public communication of recycling, composting, sorting and overall solid waste reduction. This includes proposing ideas and facilitating discussion on cross-agency collaboration, novel approaches, and taking advantage of untapped resources, such as the city’s highly creative business, media and arts sectors and communities.

  • Organics Committee  |  Chair: Marc Shifflett

The Organics Committee, in collaboration with the Citizens Committee for New York City, assists in the administration and promotion of the annual composting grants program in the five boroughs of NYC. The committee also tracks commercial and residential organic waste diversion efforts throughout Manhattan, reporting on waste policy and providing technical expertise, testimony, and management best practices.

  • Pharmaceutical Committee  |  Chair: Margot Becker

The Pharmaceutical Committee seeks to reduce improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste in New York City by both individuals and businesses/institutions that handle pharmaceuticals. The Committee supported the 2018 NYS legislation on pharmaceutical disposal and are working with pharmacies and consumers to roll-out the program. The Committee also supports reduced prescribing, where appropriate, and other strategies to reduce the amount of waste pharmaceuticals generated.

Founded in 2017, the Residential Recycling and Reuse Committee aims to enhance waste diversion through reuse and recycling collection in multifamily buildings where the majority of New Yorkers live. The Committee is currently focused on distributing Guides for High Rise Buildings to help buildings cultivate a culture of recycling and engage residents in curbside organics collection. The Committee’s Guides can be found here.

  • Social Media and PR Committee

The Social Media and PR Committee works to promote MSWAB’s work and educate the public on solid waste/zero waste issues.

  • Steering Committee  |  Chair: Jacquelyn Ottman

  • Waste Prevention and Reuse Committee  |  Co-Chairs: Maggie Clarke, Sarah Currie-Halpern

The Waste Prevention and Reuse Committee conducts research and recommends policies, legislation, studies, budgets, and line items for the MSWAB to adopt and support. The Committee also recommends educational methods and outreach campaigns for GrowNYC and DSNY.

  • Website Committee  |  Co-Chairs: Marc Shifflett and Alexis Obernauer

The Website Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the MSWAB's website.