MSWAB Residential Recycling and Reuse Committee

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance waste diversion through reuse and recycling collection in multifamily buildings where the majority of New Yorkers live.

Our Work

We created free downloadable guides providing strategies, tools and inspiration for New York City building owners, property managers, and interested superintendents and residents about: a) How to Create a Culture of Recycling in NYC High Rise Buildings and b) Engaging Residents in Organics Collection. Link HERE to download free copies.

Committee Members:

  • Sarah Edwards

  • Wendy Frank

  • Rich Grousset

  • Katherine Hanner

  • Debra Menich

  • Clare Miflin

  • Monica Munn

  • Jacquelyn Ottman, Chair

  • Ushma Pandya

  • Michael Rieser

  • Martin Robertson

  • Rick Schulman

  • Marc Shifflett