Updates on the Green New Deal from the Peoples Climate Movement of NY

Greetings, PCM-NY supporters!

We have some important and exciting news to share. After a series of sobering reports on climate change -- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeFourth National Climate Assessment -- we are finally getting some excellent traction on climate policy change in New York City and State. Below is a list of actions and activities that you can plug into and share with others. Each is important, so please do jump in!

1. The breakthrough "Dirty Buildings" bill is making its way through the NY City Council. It will require landlords of the big buildings spewing 70%+ of the carbon in our city to retrofit and dramatically decrease their carbon emissions-- 80% by 2050. This is the first bill of its kind globally and is opening a whole new line of attack in slowing down climate change.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE SURE IT PASSES THE CITY COUNCIL. The real estate industry will be punching back, no doubt. Here's what you can do to support this bill that will reduce carbon, reduce heating and cooling costs, and protect our health:

  • Call your City Council Member and ask her/him to co-sponsor and support the "Dirty Buildings" bill. If you want to join a team to visit your City Council Member, please email nancyromer@gmail.com with "city council" in the subject line within the next week. See "talking points" and City Council contacts documents.

  • Join the rally on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 9 AM and public hearing on the "Dirty Buildings" bill at City Hall. The hearing will lastmost of the day, so please come whenever and for as long (or briefly) as you can. Bring signs and banners to show support.

2. NY Renews, the statewide coalition advancing the Climate and Community Protection Act, is holding Climate Justice forums across the city. They will be exciting, informative and help you further plug into this important work on the state level.

3. Divestment from Fossil Fuels is moving along in NYC, but needs your support to spread and be effective. We have two important ways for you to help spread the word and support this work on city, state and national levels:

  • Attend a webinar on divestment with a focus on The Financial and Scientific Urgency of Divestment of Union Pension Funds, Monday, Dec. 10, 8 pm ET. Invite your friends locally and from around the country to attend the webinar and consider divestment campaigns for their unions, cities and states. The webinar is co-sponsored by Democratic Socialists of America, Labor Network for Sustainability and 350.org

  • Sign a petition to support divestment from fossil fuels in NYC. While the NYC Comptroller and Mayor have announced their intention to divest and re-invest in "climate solutions"--another win for climate justice--we need to show our support for the pension trustees who have also committed to divestment but are getting pushback from some conservative forces. Please sign and forward it to your contacts.

4. Check out the Green New Deal that PCM-NY and lots of other organizations have signed on to. It's an exciting development pushing the new Congress that will be seated in January toward addressing climate change. 

We are at a pivotal moment where there is simultaneously much more clarity on the treacherous advance of climate change and more willingness and opportunity to do something about it. We are fortunate to have strong and dedicated allies as we move forward together.

Here's to a just future!

Allen, Denise, Jeanne, Leslie, Marilyn and Nancy...for the Peoples Climate Movement NY