Reuse and Repair Grantees, Fall 2017

We are very proud of our Reuse and Repair Grant projects, and are so pleased to have provided $24,025 in funds to 16 projects, in partnership with Citizens Committee for New York City

We will update this page soon with links, blurbs, and images for each project!

Caldwell Enrichment Program: Waste Not Project

Grant Amount: $800

Fixers Collective : Repair Cafes and Best Practices Guide Creation

Grant Amount: $1,210

GOOD+ Foundation : New Infrastructure for Organizing Clothing Donation

Grant Amount: $1,000

HarborLAB : The Reused Rover

Grant Amount: $1,250

Los Herederos : The Sonicycle! "Recycle a Bicycle Borough Bounce

Grant Amount: $2,000

Marcus Garvey Park Alliance : The Art of Adaptive Reuse

Grant Amount: $500

Mott Hall Community School : Mott Hall Community School’s Bike Repair Shop

Grant Amount: $750

Pop Up Repair : Veterans Repair Apprenticeship Program

Grant Amount: $2,000

Pop Up Repair : Pop Up Repair Citywide

Grant Amount: $1,500

Remade in Brooklyn : Launch

Grant Amount: $1,700

RPGA Studio : Queens Power Tool Learning and Lending Library

Grant Amount: $1,780

Sadhana : Project Prithvi

Grant Amount: $1,900

Smiling Hogshead Ranch : Re-Bicycle

Grant Amount: $1,950

Staten Island Arts

Grant Amount: $2,000

Sue Rock Originals Everyone

Grant Amount: $1,685

TIME'S UP! : Community Bicycle Recycling Education for You and the Planet

Grant Amount: $2,000