Zero Waste Building Maintenance Program

The Zero Waste Building Maintenance Training is designed to help building maintenance staff run an outstanding apartment building recycling program. Through a combination of classroom instruction, field trips and practical activities, you will develop:

  • A solid understanding of proper recycling procedures
  • Ability to distinguish between resident and building responsibilities
  • Knowledge to troubleshoot recycling issues
  • Awareness of DSNY programs available to apartment buildings
  • Skills to teach others about recycling

Students who successfully complete the program by meeting the course requirements will receive a Zero Waste Building Maintenance Training Certificate.

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Zero Waste Building Maintenance Training Certificate, participants must:

  1. Attend Training Session 1 and 2.
  2. Complete 2 site visits.
  3. Demonstrate an outstanding apartment building recycling program.

For more information and to apply, click here

Composting Grant applications are now open!


Receive up to $750

DEADLINE March 23, 2018

Citizens Committee for New York City, the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB), and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer have partnered to offer grants to start, expand and grow composting programs in all five boroughs of New York City

Grants of up to $750 are awarded to community groups working on neighborhood composting programs. Groups eligible for funding include community associations, community gardens, friends of park groups, housing development groups, nonprofits, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, and private businesses. Grants can be used to purchase materials to start or expand upon a composting program.



Single Stream Recycling Presentations Recap

On January 10th 2018, the Manhattan SWAB held a special "long" meeting, with extra seating capacity and presentations about the future of recycling in NYC. The Department of Sanitation Chief of Staff, Greg Anderson, presented on the steps that the City is taking to move our residential recycling system to one that handles glass, metal, plastic, and mixed paper products as a single stream. This differs from the status quo, where NYC's residential buildings currently separate recyclables into two streams: glass/metal/plastic, and mixed paper. 

Greg Anderson's presentation can be found here

Two members of the Manhattan SWAB followed Greg's presentation with their own, a dive into the research on Single Stream recycling, through the lens of experiences in other Cities in North America. 

The MSWAB members' slides can be found here

Reuse and Repair Grantees, Fall 2017

We are very proud of our Reuse and Repair Grant projects, and are so pleased to have provided $24,025 in funds to 16 projects, in partnership with Citizens Committee for New York City

We will update this page soon with links, blurbs, and images for each project!

Caldwell Enrichment Program: Waste Not Project

Grant Amount: $800

Fixers Collective : Repair Cafes and Best Practices Guide Creation

Grant Amount: $1,210

GOOD+ Foundation : New Infrastructure for Organizing Clothing Donation

Grant Amount: $1,000

HarborLAB : The Reused Rover

Grant Amount: $1,250

Los Herederos : The Sonicycle! "Recycle a Bicycle Borough Bounce

Grant Amount: $2,000

Marcus Garvey Park Alliance : The Art of Adaptive Reuse

Grant Amount: $500

Mott Hall Community School : Mott Hall Community School’s Bike Repair Shop

Grant Amount: $750

Pop Up Repair : Veterans Repair Apprenticeship Program

Grant Amount: $2,000

Pop Up Repair : Pop Up Repair Citywide

Grant Amount: $1,500

Remade in Brooklyn : Launch

Grant Amount: $1,700

RPGA Studio : Queens Power Tool Learning and Lending Library

Grant Amount: $1,780

Sadhana : Project Prithvi

Grant Amount: $1,900

Smiling Hogshead Ranch : Re-Bicycle

Grant Amount: $1,950

Staten Island Arts

Grant Amount: $2,000

Sue Rock Originals Everyone

Grant Amount: $1,685

TIME'S UP! : Community Bicycle Recycling Education for You and the Planet

Grant Amount: $2,000

What is "Zero Waste"?

The MSWAB adopted the Zero Waste International Alliance's definition of Zero Waste. The definition is as follows: 

Zero Waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use.

Zero Waste means designing and managing products and processes to systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, conserve and recover all resources, and not burn or bury them.

Implementing Zero Waste will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health.

Learn more about ZWIA and their Zero Waste definition here

Reuse and Repair Grant: Applications Open

Reuse and Repair Grant

The Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) is partnering with Citizens Committee for New York City and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer to launch our newest grant initiative: NYC Reuse and Repair.  The goal of the grant is to support New York City in reusing, repairing, and refurbishing 100% of all discarded products that can be reused in some capacity, with the balance being recycled.

Grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded to start new reuse or repair projects, undertake related research projects, or initiate other activities which will help lead to replicable reuse or repair models in all five boroughs of New York City.

Proposals must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm, September 12, 2017.