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Webinar: Social Science of Organics Recycling: Designing Programs That Change Behavior

About this event

You’ve invested time, money, and energy into providing the tools, education, and training that you hope will enable households, businesses, and institutions to successfully source separate organics. But what now… is participation low or waning? Are there too many contaminants in the organics bin? Too many organics in the trash bin?

To gain insights on how to tackle these and other organics recycling challenges, join the Composting Collaborative for a dynamic webinar with Jennifer Tabanico and Kaitlin Phelps of Action Research, a firm with more than 15 years of experience changing human behavior through the application of traditional marketing activities blended with cutting-edge research findings from social and behavioral sciences.

Jennifer, the firm’s president and owner, will walk attendees through the principles and practices of community-based social marketing highlighting why current practices — from outreach campaigns to training sessions — may not be delivering desired results, and how to develop new tools or modify existing ones through the application of tried and true behavior changing tools. Kaitlin will follow with exemplary case studies that highlight how these behavior change tools have been effectively applied in residential and commercial organics collection programs.